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The Law Offices of Jonathan B. Steele is a criminal defense firm handling all misdemeanor and felony cases, ranging from petty theft to DUI to murder and all cases in between. Our firm represents people accused of criminal charges in Sonoma, Mendocino, Marin, Lake, Napa and Solano Counties. We also represent minors in Juvenile Court proceedings in various counties. In addition, our firm handles all driving issues from simple traffic tickets to driving on a suspended license as well as all issues associated in dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Our firm is available 24/7 to take care of any needs or concerns that you have regarding any issues in the area of criminal law. Whether it is a quick question or if you need the immediate services of our experienced lawyers, we are always only a phone call away. In order to fully accommodate your needs and your schedule, we also offer evening and weekend appointments. Remember, the initial consultation is always free of charge so that we can first gather the unique facts of your individual case and then quote a fee that is appropriate.

For many of you, this may be your first time dealing with the criminal justice system. Naturally, you are worried and scared of both immediate as well as future consequences. At every step, you will be guided by a compassionate, experienced, and well-versed criminal defense attorney who will personally help you navigate the difficult legal waters of the criminal justice system. Please call our courteous and knowledgeable staff today so that we may help you through a difficult time.


I am proud to be a fifth generation Sonoma County resident. Steele Lane is named after my family. My wife, LuAnn H. Steele, is also a criminal defense trial attorney practicing in our firm. Like me, she is a fifth generation Sonoma County resident. We are both direct descendants of pioneer families in Sonoma County and except for going away to various schools, have lived our entire lives here in Sonoma County. Combined, we have almost a half-century of experience in practicing exclusively in the area of criminal defense. We are seasoned trial attorneys who know our way around all of the courts, with finely tuned specific knowledge about the particular in's and out's of each individual court, Judge, and prosecutor. We have a very positive working relationship with all of the different individuals involved in the criminal justice system. This includes the various police agencies, prosecutors, investigators, probation officers, and Judges. This is extremely important to your case because a strong personal rapport and credibility go hand-in-hand with obtaining a positive outcome in your case.


A large percentage of the cases we handle involve driving under the influence (DUI) allegations. We also handle boating under the influence (BUI) cases. Our firm has represented thousands of individuals in many types of Sonoma County DUI cases, ranging from arrests for a first offense, multiple offense cases, and those involving very serious felony driving under the influence charges. Your case will be professionally prepared by an experienced trial attorney who will personally handle it from the initial free consultation through sentencing, if that is necessary. Case preparation includes, but is not limited to, getting the dispatch or 911 calls along with CAD records. First, we will scrutinize the reasons for the initial contact by law enforcement to determine if the police had probable cause to detain you and to begin their investigation. Next, we will critically analyze the field sobriety tests (FSTs) and officer observations which ultimately led to an arrest. If a chemical test was conducted, our staff will check for any alcohol or drug testing errors involved with either the blood or breath tests. The above areas are only a fraction of a complete case work-up, so you can see that DUI cases can be very complex with many variables. Each case involves its own unique facts and circumstances that must be evaluated carefully from the very beginning. It is important that a person gets immediate attention in a DUI case, since the Department of Motor Vehicles will attempt to suspend your license shortly after your arrest. Many times errors are committed by humans as well as by machines. While we obviously cannot guarantee results, we can guarantee that we will find all mistakes and errors that are committed, and develop them to your benefit. There are many positive alternatives to both convictions as well as any incarceration. No matter how serious the case, actual jail time is generally not necessary, and can be avoided altogether with positive alternatives.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan B. Steele, along with DUI related cases, we also represent individuals charged with all crimes including infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. This includes drug possession and/or sales cases, domestic violence and assault and battery cases and related charges, as well as all theft cases including fraud. We have also represented hundreds of individuals facing gang charges and/or gang enhancements. Many times individuals face separate probation violation hearings. Sometimes these probation violation proceedings (or VOP's) are litigated along with other separate and new charges. Other times they are handled separately. Regardless, if you are facing a probation violation or revocation proceeding, rest assured that you will be represented by a competent, experienced lawyer from our firm throughout the entire proceeding. Our firm also handles very sensitive cases such as alleged embezzlement, elder abuse, and all sex crimes and offenses. In all the cases we handle, we will zealously guard your right to confidentiality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I am arrested for a DUI will I automatically lose my license and will my family and my employer find out?
A: You will not automatically lose your license when you are arrested for a DUI. You have important rights and there are positive options in dealing with your license and the DMV as well as the criminal justice system. Also, our firm will help in keeping your arrest confidential.

Q: I heard you are the best Sonoma County DUI attorney around. Do you represent people in other areas of criminal defense as well?
A: Yes, we represent people charged with many different types of criminal offenses from simple petty theft cases to all serious felony matters. Our experienced and talented attorneys can tackle any criminal law case that is filed.

Q: I have a medical marijuana card and I am set up to grow. I thought it was legal but then the police came to my house and arrested me. What should I do?
A: Cultivation cases can be very complex, with the applicable law and rules changing constantly. Having a valid medical marijuana card is an important first step, but is not controlling in ascertaining if it is a legal grow that has been set up. In order to fully assess the legality of the operation, very specific facts must be reviewed. Each case is unique and it would be extremely important to meet with you soon after the arrest so that discussions can begin with the District Attorney's office in an attempt to avoid the filing of criminal charges.

Q: I got pulled over by the police and they didn't tell me why they stopped me. Then they started asking me if I had drugs or contraband with me and search my car. Now I'm in trouble. What should I do?
A: The police agency that pulled you over must have "probable cause" to believe that you have either committed a crime (including a driving offense) or are involved in criminal activity of some kind. If they do not have a reason for stopping you, the evidence that they gather cannot be used against you.