Sonoma County Workers' Compensation



Ricard J. Meechan-214x300Sonoma County Workers Compensation Attorney Richard Meechan Contrary to what you see on television courtroom dramas, cases of injured workers and their grieving families fearful of losing financial support almost never end up being decided by sympathetic juries.

Under California law, employees seeking pay and medical attention for their job-related injuries must endure a complicated process before an administrative law judge that can seem confusing, disappointing and deliberating designed to discourage your rightful claims.

But, with more than 25 years of experience in workers' compensation law, Santa Rosa attorney Rick Meechan has demonstrated he can navigate those labyrinthian regulations, becoming a powerful legal voice for injured workers.

He has successfully settled claims filed by thousands of injured workers and their families. He specializes in cases in which workers have suffered serious injuries and have been denied their right to medical care.

California's 100-year-old law requires employers to buy insurance that covers workers who are hurt on the job, yet many employees don't understand that this law entitles them to access funds that may pay for their medical bills, disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation costs and other expenses associated with their injuries. Under workers' compensation, an employee gives up the right to file suit against a company, but in exchange, enters a proscribed administrative process that can mean better results for obtaining lost wages and medical treatment.

However, due to regulation changes over the last several years, it has become harder for workers to obtain the medical treatment they deserve and that's why it has become even more important for employees to have a legal advocate on their side who understands their rights and the company's obligations.

Too often, Meechan believes that companies are misusing workers compensation rules to deny medical treatment that the employees deserve. And, too frequently, businesses are using the current economic downturn to contend that their insurance companies can't afford to pay for justice for injured workers.

This law firm assists injured workers in demystifying the process for securing benefits, managing the required medical reviews of your case and surmounting the delays that frustrate so many employees who anticipate equitable treatment.

A consultation interview and review of your case will be conducted by Meechan at no charge to the client.

At a time when so much depends upon your family income, Meechan has demonstrated he has a record of experience being on the employee's side in workers' compensation cases, delivering caring and competent representation on behalf of local families.

Meechan graduated from Sonoma State University in 1979 and then earned his law degree from the Empire College School of Law.

He is a member of the Board of Governors of the California Applicants' Attorneys Association, a statewide organization of lawyers who specialize in providing injured workers with the opportunity for fair compensation benefits and re-entry into the workplace.

Meechan is recognized by the California Bar Association as a Certified Workers' Compensation Specialist.

He was honored by peers as a California Super Lawyer in 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 in recognition of his commitment on behalf of injured workers.

Currently, Meechan serves on the Board of Public Utilities, which manages sewer and water services for his hometown of Santa Rosa.

During his off-work hours, Meechan is an advocate for open space preservation, promotion of green living practices and bicycling throughout Sonoma County. He serves as co-chairman of the Coalition for a Better Sonoma County, a community-based political organization that supports progressive candidates for local offices.